I am, like any Christian, a son of the Living God.  This book resolves an obvious affront to God.  Christians disagree over their interpretations of the Word of God and even around how exclusively doctrine should be based upon the Word.  Many Christians claim rather to be led by Exegesis, Hermeneutics and Tradition.  The resultant self-generated interpretations allow for a multiplicity of discordant a la Carte, 'pick and mix', theologies and this basic differentiation has resulted in over 500 distinct denominations of Christians.
I claim only that which is promised to a Christian.  Firstly, that I can understand (or interpret) the Word by the operation of the Holy Ghost within me (Mat 7:8-10, Luke 11:10-12, 1 Cor 2:12).  Secondly, that Christians will be taught by the Holy Ghost the full truth of the Word (John 14:26, 16:13, 1 John 2:27). 

How to Understand the Bible: 

1. Be aware that the Word is a Person (Jesus), not an impersonal truth or ‘it’. You must work with this Person to understand what you read. Remember that as you read Him He is reading you and He is the better reader (Heb 4:12).  First you need to discern what is and is not scripture (in English as you are an English reader). Read only the Authorised King James version of the Bible (not even the new King James version or any other version). 

2. The scripture is primarily a parable i.e. not literal (Psalm 78:2) and you will need to discern with the aid of the spirit (your spirit working with the author’s i.e. the Holy Ghost) what is literal and what is not. For example was Herod both fox and man with (and without) a bushy tail (no) but did Balaam’s ass speak (yes)? Only spiritual discernment can provide these answers there is no human rule of grammar or linguistics that provides a ready answer. 

3. Much of the Bible is contradictory. Get used to this. God is beyond our comprehension and if He was not so He would not be God but an imposter. The contradictions are actually all true to form a single truth. Try to accept this. For example Man is not God but one Man is God (Jesus). God is one Person as one God but also 3 Persons in One God (the Trinity). No human logic can explain this though many have tried. 

4. Man sinfully challenges God by wanting to be God and God’s response is to accept this challenge by revealing Himself as the Law, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which must then be kept. This challenge can not be tolerated indefinitely and is terminated by death. 

5. Man can not meet this challenge by keeping this Law for infinite reasons one of which is that it is contradictory e.g. “Thou shalt not kill” and yet “Thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth”, a commandment for Israel to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing (Deut 20:16). Note the first commandment is not to kill period (anything alive, let alone anyone) for example the first scripture does not say: “Thou shalt not kill except thou canst kill thine enemies, dangerous criminals and animals”. 

6. The only way forward is to accept the other identity of God as the freedom from the Law by coming under the Law of Christ, to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour and live under this state of grace, which is to eat of the tree of life. 

7. Man naturally rejects this option in favour of being under the Law. 

8. A man is freed from being under the Law (a state described as the forbidden fruit or curse) by being saved by faith in Jesus Christ. 

9. So once under grace which of the over 600 or so do’s and don’ts in the Bible should a Christian obey? Only the 2 great commandments (Mat 22:40) to Love God, Neighbour and Self. This can mean that any action can be good or bad given a different context – except keeping these 2 commandments which is always good and not keeping them which is always bad. 

10. A Christian is 100% righteous in every way even as he sins. 

11. Everyone eventually is saved for eternity (Phil 2:11) but only after suffering along the way either during what we call life and/or after what we call death. All do confess Jesus Christ as Lord eventually and eternally i.e. with no revocation later (Phil 2:10-11). The confession referred to is done with eternal sincerity, freely and through a perfect motive and with 100% conviction i.e. as by the perfect and truthful Holy Ghost. It is not the confession of a person under torture who will say whatever is necessary to end the torment or is being forced to say something as is frequently taught (1 Cor 12:3). There are many other scriptures showing this (Psalm 22:27, 119:91, Isaiah 45:23, Ezek 18:4, Hos 2: 23, Mat 16:17, Rom 11:32, 14:11, 1 Cor 2:11, 3:16, 4:5, 12:3, 2 Cor 6:6, Phil 2:10-11, 1 Tim 2:4, 1 John 4:15). Suffering and blessing is the process by which this is achieved.

What I am preaching is that the Word teaches us that non-Christians must not commit any of the sins expounded in the Word and that the only sin that Christians can commit is the failure to obey the two great commandments of total Love toward God, neighbour and self.  For the Christian it is not a question of whether any thought, word or deed is, is not, or may be, one of the other sins expounded in the Word. Only the two great commandments apply to the Christian.

This book should be read with a copy of the Authorised King James Version of the Holy Bible.  Use this book in your life for the release of power for abundant living, test it by the prayer of discernment and need.

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